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Who are we?

Innovative Controls are a team of young, enthusiastic like minded people. Led by James Arundale and Tim McIntosh, Innovative controls have blended the talents of many of the Security industry’s most skilled people.
The focus of every person in the group is geared toward improving how we serve clients.
The primary attributes sought to join the innovative team are Taking responsibility, Drive to succeed and Preparedness to serve.

Tim and James believe enabling and supporting team members. Providing members them with resources, direction, structure and encouragement assures Customer satisfaction.

This  unique approach is sustaining one of the most stable and satisfied teams in the industry, Australia wide.


What do we do?

We design, supply, install and service most forms of Security equipment, ranging from CCTV and Access Control systems, Entry systems such as gates, Booms, Rising Bollards, Spike strips. Innovative Controls supply Covert surveillance equipment ranging from mobile to micro Video and Audio equipment. We also provide Climb proof Fencing, specialising in High Voltage Energised fencing for confidential and High Security installations including Correctional facilities. We combine these systems, providing cost beneficial, single point sourcing of Barrier, Electronic and Perimeter security systems.


The Mindset

With clear direction and enabling personal responsibility, each team member wants to arrive, every day, knowing they are here to solve our clients entrusted Security requirements. That provides a powerful environment, harnessing an extremely powerful force,

Helpful Informative Education

Both James and Tim believe the key to relationships is founded in Trust, Integrity & Loyalty. Two mainstays of the business are Transparency and Education. The single best way to educate is preparedness to share your expertise.

Sharing expertise with customers ensures they are totally enabled to make practical, well informed, cost effective decisions for their organisation. This is a critical step in true transparency.

Sharing expertise with the team ensures continuous upskilling, growing your individual confidence and capability, allowing the individual to command their own destiny.

Sharing Course led and formal education strengthens the knowledgebase of the company, benefiting all team members and client companies.

We are creating a totally unique feature within this site, an entire section specifically to inform and assist both Clients and Team members under the Menu Education


Where do we service?


Through our Head Office and Local offices, combined with our local subcontractor network, we offer service throughout Australia, in most towns or cities represented by financial institutions.



The direction of the IC Group is extremely clear. The IC group is unquestionably the fastest growing Security services provider in Australia. Whilst several of our major competitors are concentrating on consolidation and cost cutting measures, Innovative Controls is investing, expanding to serve many new corporate clients together with all tiers of government.


Systematic Approach

IC understands client satisfaction is about more than a well built product or system. Modern clients expect total self management and self governance, inclusive of Work Health & Safety, Ensured Quality, compliance and thorough documentation, on time. These expectations determine who Innovative Controls needs to be.

Absolute is our people’s ability to operate within an efficient, well defined management process.


Company Information

Innovative Controls Pty Ltd
22 Arctic Court
Keysborough, Vic, 3173
Phone: 1300 791 851
Head Office: (03) 9706 3663
Fax: 03 9706 3654
ABN: 21 625 709 060    ACN: 625 709 060
Security Licence: 846-210-10S


Detailed Information

For further reference, we have the following specifics;