Boom Gates

Card In, Card Out Boom gates, reducing vehicle theft risk.


The new Innovative digital torque motor barrier is the first choice for your vehicle control solutions. It is more durable, accurate, flexible and safer. It comes complete with an Aluminum Alloy octagonal boom with a maximum length of 6m.

Heavy duty, simple design cabinet:

The cabinet is manufactured with 2mm precise machining cold-rolled plate and static electricity sprayed anti-UV surface which is non-scale and Unfading. Our housings conform to the IP54 dustproof and waterproof specification. A simple design which is aesthetically pleasing.

Sine lever drive mechanism ensures smooth landing of boom without shaking:

The patented sine lever drive mechanism enables the boom arm to move from slow to fast when it starts, and fast to slow when it stops. This will effectively reduce the shaking of the boom arm and reduce stress on the motor, so that the lifetime of the motor and mechanical components will be greatly increased.

Maintenance free, 70W torque controlled motor with 100% duty cycle:

The 70W integrated decelerating torque motor is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and maintenance-free. These motors minimise voltage spikes or overheating while working, protecting the controller, prolonging its life. Our Boom gates can be cycled in operation continuously.

Automatic error self-check & report:

The barrier controller automatically checks the operation status, and reports errors by showing error codes on LED screen.

Automatically closes after pre-set time:

The barrier will automatically close after given time (between 1-99 seconds) if no vehicle passes over the safety/closing loop. However if the vehicle remains on the safety loop the boom will remain raised till the vehicle leaves moves off the loop.

Anti-collision mechanism protects arm (optional, max boom length 4.0m):

Anti-collision mechanism protects the boom arm from being damaged if boom arm was hit by a vehicle.