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Welcome to IC’s Education Library

This page is a Directory to help you find information on all manner of security applications.

Our intent with this section of the site is to provide general information on the what, who, where and how. The idea is to help you be more comfortable with terminology, General & Best practices and what may be the best answer for you. Many of the pages will be password protected for commercial reasons, if you’d like to see a password protected page, please just email or call and ask.

Disclaimer; All information detailed herein is of a General nature and may not fit your actual circumstance. Please seek personal advice

Security Overview

CCTV Types and what’s appropriate for you

CCTV Analog & Tribrid

CCTV IP/Network

CCTV Camera Types & recommendations

Access Control Overview

Access Control Entry/Exit types & requirements

Intruder Detection Overview

Gates & Booms

Rising Bollards

Tyre Spikes

Perimeter Defence Types

Climb Proof Fencing

PE Beams

Access Technician Basics