Electronic Security

Specialising in Access Control, CCTV, Detection and Intercom based security systems, our Electronic division regularly integrate Electronic Security with Perimeter and Barrier Security systems to meet the most stringent Security requirements for our clients.

Innovative Controls offer unique processes of Consultation, Design, Concept Demonstration and Service Delivery, guaranteeing complete confidence.

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Electronic Security Products

Underpinning this confidence, IC proudly distribute and install most major and reputable brand equipment.

Customising our services around your best “Value Add” possibilities ensures your expectations are not just met, it ensures you can choose the best possible outcomes for your investment.

We are highly adept at integrating works with other services or infrastructure, as well as integrating Performance or Brand specific requirements. We are highly practiced in establishing communication and system interoperability, regularly resulting in the equation, 1 + 1 =3

We are in the process of publishing pages detailing systems we most commonly service and offer

CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit Television systems are a network of cameras connected to a central or distributed recording and viewing system. These are generally installed for the purposes of observing work practices assisting with Safety management or security observations. Safety management camera systems assist management pinpointing safety risks, reducing the likelihood of worker injury. Security camera installations are generally to record activity for evidentiary purposes.

Access Control Systems

Access Control systems are credential based electronically controlled access systems. The general expectation of an Access system is to deny access to people who cannot proof their right to enter. Entry rights can be programmed as temporary or permanent, using various levels of credential, starting with a simple PIN entered into a keypad, ranging from access cards to bluetooth devices all the way through to multi-level bio-metric detection including finger print or Iris scanners, facial recognition etc.  These systems compare your credential to your programmed entry permissions before granting entry ability.

Intruder Detection

Intruder detection systems are a networked series of devices installed to detect presence within a given area during periods the area is intended to be vacated. Intruder detection may be installed as a stand alone systems such as a simple domestic “Burglar Alarm” or may be incorporated into the access control system. If an access control system is installed, it is usually good engineering practice to combine with the Access system ensur


IP based Integrated CCTV/Access/Intruder/Intercom systems

Notifications and System Integration