Whether you’re asking us for Physical access, Electronic access, Surveillance, or Perimeter Security,  Installation is a key element of our business. We have no better opportunity to advertise and display our capability than during a project’s installation. Install work creates ideal opportunities to forge quality relationships with Building Owners and Managers. IC see installation as the gateway to full life span servicing.

Our installations range from single device installations to multi-service, multi-site, multi-state projects.

Whether constructed on a fully specified or design-construct basis, our overall performance success, including thorough documentation and prompt delivery are seen by most end users as a guiding beacon, simplifying System maintenance provider selection.

Installations undertaken by Innovative Controls, must comply fully with our Health & Safety, Equal Opportunity and Environmental Management Policies, (Download by clicking links)



Our Sales process may differ with Tendered work to Design construct, but once appointed, all work follows the same construction processes.

Every project will be appointed a Project manager. The PM will handle all aspects of your project internally, simplifying your communication with Innovative Controls. Our Project Manager will remain in contact from appointment until Practical completion achievement. Project managers hold responsibility for Health & Safety and Environmental Management documentation, specified drawings, manuals, training and technical manuals, ensuring you never get lost within our organisation. Your project manager will keep abreast of your project’s progress, scheduling equipment delivery and labour as required.

Before commencement, our Project manager will review documented requirements. PM’s perform or commission performance of a risk analysis. The PM is  responsible establish all execution requirements with due consideration to the assessed risks. During this phase, we initiate the installation design process.


The design phase ensures all parties have a detailed mutual understanding of what will be constructed. We seek client agreement of final details prior to construction. Our experience in maintaining the design process, regardless of time or cost pressures, ensures conflict is massively reduced, if not altogether eliminated. Design agreement promotes higher levels of client trust, providing confidence all elements will be correctly completed, inclusive of specified documentation.







Our projects are performed to a detailed schedule. We use several scheduling applications including our internal Innovative Management Process (IMP) package or MS Project, depending upon client specifications.




Upon installation completion, programming and commissioning will be performed. Upon satisfactory completion of commissioning, all drawings, technical manuals etc. will be updated to reflect any alterations throughout the course of the installation. Upon finalised documentation handover, the project will be considered Practically complete.







Further to the above, we openly publish our Directors’ details enabling you to contact them directly if ever required.