Monitored Pulse Energised Fencing

Electric Fences for Prison installations
Innovative Controls Monitored Pulse Electric Fences assist authorities to keep society safe

Innovative Controls are proudly one of Australia’s most accredited suppliers of Monitored Pulse Energised Fencing. We proudly partner with Gallagher, the world’s most highly renowned supplier of Electric fence equipment.


High Security Monitored Pulse Gates and Fence
High Security Monitored Pulse Gates and Fence

Monitored Pulse fencing is a developed evolution differing quite substantially from conventional and agricultural Electric fences. It is entirely engineered to be safe for human contact. The manner of pulse delivery will cause extreme discomfort and involuntary muscle contraction, potentially causing loss of bodily control, without damaging human tissue. Monitored pulse fencing is openly welcomed in many countries that don’t permit conventional Electric fencing.  Monitored pulse fences deliver safe and controlled, energized pulses that last only a millisecond – enough to give a potential intruder a fright and deter all but the most foolhardy from making a second attempt.

Generally, Monitored Pulse fencing will be programmed to deliver a “Warning” upon initial contact, warning intruders not to proceed. If ignored, pulse delivery rapidly escalates, ensuring a thorough “None Shall Pass” understanding is conveyed.


Powered strands are continuously monitored, providing alarm output signalling in the event a defect occurs such as a broken strand or if areas are grounded through vegetation growth or tampering attempts.

In areas where a fence must remain energised during staff attendance, a reduced voltage pulse setting is switchable, allowing a “Low Feel” warning mode.

A crucial safety feature we offer is the ability to synchronise pulses between two or more independent systems, even if they are different brand equipment. The purpose of synchronisation is prevention of intruders receiving pulses at alternating times, stopping their ability to break contact. This is critical where two systems meet at borders etc.

In certain areas, fence zones can be non pulsing, monitor only operation. This would be preferable in areas prone to accidental contact such as low level, where children may venture or behind palisade fencing, with pulse delivery at high level preventing climbing.

For the most security conscious, we provide options for Dual pulse operation, monitoring fence strand tension and fence disturbance monitoring.


Innovative controls provide installation services ranging from the minimum standards recommended by equipment suppliers through to the highest specification standards in Australia.

Quality installation increases effectiveness of the system, while reducing life-cycle cost by reducing maintenance and false alarm response costs. Working with you, we engineer systems starting with systems supported by your existing fencing, all the way through to autonomous custom structural foundation fencing systems. Whatever your requirement, we deliver, cost effectively.

Energised Gate Foundation preparation
Well engineered foundations ensure correct load distribution and alignment for problem free energised gate operation

Where autonomous structural foundation fences are required, outcomes are defined by efficient design and accurate foundation creation. We pride ourselves in using Australia’s highest skilled people, supplied with the best surveying equipment, ensuring the desired outcome from the first shovel full of soil.


Electric fence midspan Strain point foundation
Energised fence midspan Strain point foundation, engineered to to accept large loading forces.

Our professional foundation team understand their responsibility ensuring IC’s capability by providing correct anchorage and alignment. Only with correct foundation work can correct correct tension and superb presentation be achieved.







Stainless steel energiser cabinet and meticulously aligned Energised fence posts
Stainless steel energiser cabinet and meticulously aligned Energised fence posts

Precision alignment must be combined with structural integrity when applying recommended strand tensions. On Higher security fences, Strainer posts need to absorb forces of around 600kg cantilevered over their height. Individual strands are then fixed using climb prevention supports.

Powered Fence Double Swing Gate
Powered Fence Double Swing Gate

Gates of many configurations can ensure continuity of your Energised fence system. We regularly provide Swing gate and sliding gates configured to suit.










Energised fence anti-climbs
Anti-climbs are installed preventing access between structural members at joints or intersections

As in most areas of specialty, the devil is in the detail. We understand the necessity to use the best quality and designed tensioning, strand mounting and connecting equipment, ensuring longevity and reliability. We always use specific alloy wire strand permitting indefinite corrosion resistance with specific tensile limits in most environments. Innovative Controls understand and consistently implement the manufacturer recommended configuration methods. Specific methods should always be adhered to for prevention of climb possibility on corners or fence junctions. Gap bridging, known as “Anti-Climbs” must be implemented, eliminating climb points. Correct tensioning, allowing for expansion and contraction, is essential to reliability and false alarm minimisation.

Our highly trained & certified installation team work closely with our designers, ensuring your system operates as intended.

Innovative Controls understand the importance of your outcomes. Our total focus will ensure you receive the very best value, specifically tailored to your application.