Securing Your Perimeter

Electrified Security Fence
Electrified Security Fence

Our perimeter security systems range from Detection beam, Microwave, Microphonics and Taut wire detection to No-Climb, Monitored Pulse, energised fences.

Specialising in Perimeter security systems, our Perimeter advisors may integrate Perimeter Security with Access Control, CCTV and Intercom and Barrier Security.







Monitored Pulse Electric fence and Sliding boom entry
Energised fence and Sliding Boom

Security systems should be holistically engineered, protecting Legal liability together with your people and property.

Engineering security with a systematic approach reduces installation and lifecycle costs, often, reducing insurance premiums, whilst increasing effectiveness.

If you’d like to understand our philosophies behind Security system design, please feel welcome to browse our Education pages, especially, our Security Overview page.


Perimeter Security Solutions

Perimeter Security Monitored Pulse Electric fence and gates
Monitored Pulse Energised Gate

Regard for our Perimeter and Barrier security systems ensures we’re invited to Government installations including Correctional facilities.

Innovative Controls are often recommended by and supply services to competitors for installations outside their skill set.

Due to Security levels surrounding specific projects, we’re only permitted to publish certain images of our most credited Showpiece works.

Innovative Controls proudly distribute and install the most reputable brand equipment. We offer a unique process of Consultation, Design and Implementation.

We customise our services to fully meet your requirements, including existing facility infrastructure implementation. Our people will work with you ensuring the maximum in Value Add engineering.

Whether you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing detection system with no visible barriers or a system that clearly tells wrong doers “None Shall Pass”, we’ll consult, plan, manufacture, install and integrate exactly what you want.

Feel free to browse the pages below to fully understand which systems are most appropriate to your needs;

(If the pages you’re looking for are incomplete, please contact us for further info.)

CCTV Perimeter Surveillance

PE Beam Detection

Microphonic Fence Monitoring

Taut wire Fencing

Monitored Pulse Energised fencing

Buried Cable Detection Systems

Automated GPS CCTV Drones