Our Service techs are the heart and soul of this company! Our Innovative Management Platform (IMP) is the nervous system

Your Requirements

We understand, for our service techs to benefit you, they must be;

  • There, On time!
  • Skilled
  • Informed
  • Equipped
  • Investigative
  • Thorough
  • Polite

Innovative controls understand customers want to explain their difficulties ONCE. They don’t have time nor can they accept the down time created by detailing their equipment deficiencies to a mechanical service company, only to be refereed to an Access control company, then referred back, or on to a Pneumatic service company. With IMP, we enter the customers reported data once. It is then available for the attending technician. We always endeavor to provide a technician skilled in several aspects of a job. The technician records all work, findings and additional information into IMP. In the event, a technician with alternate skills or qualifications needs to attend, the full history is fully available, on hand, saving the repetitiously customer explaining the same information.



Our technicians service and maintain;

  • Access entries of all descriptions including Automated doors, gates, Rollers, Shutters, Bi & Tri-fold doors, Boom gates and Sliders
  • Locking systems including Electric Strikes, Magnetic locks, Powered Mortise, Drop bolts, V-Locks, etc.
  • Access control systems of many manufacturers, including all systems popular in Australia such as Gallagher, Inner Range, Lenel, Salto, Tecom, and many others
  • CCTV Systems including Axis,Bosch, Canon, Hikvision, Hills, LG, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Verint and many others
  • Detection Systems such as Bosch, Takex, Paradox and many others.
  • A multitude of Gate, Door and Boom drive systems
  • Perimeter Systems including Beam detection, Taut wire, Monitored fencing and Monitored Pulse Energised fencing
  • Old and new equipment. We service and maintain everything from brand new equipment, still under warranty to equipment in the range of 25-30 years. If it is still reliable and meets your needs, why change it?

Our People

Innovative Controls are proud to have engaged and trained some of Australia’s most diversely skilled service technicians in the Security industry. Our unique cross platform operations provide the ideal environment to multi-skill our people. We recognize the requirement to provide service technicians skilled in all aspects of the project they are engaged on. We’re continually engaged in all aspects of Security work, ranging from Construction, installation and service of all types of Doors, Gates, Rollers and Barrier equipment. We’re equally involved controlling  and monitoring this equipment. Our clients appreciate people within the same company being responsible for the control, operation and servicing of Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electrical and Electronic systems.


Innovative Controls Systems

Access control and CCTV Technician researching job requirements
Technicians report status and all job information, Real Time

IC’s technicians needs are accommodated by our in house Innovative Management Platform (IMP)

IMP provides Real Time management of every operational technician.

Every job is advance booked and scheduled with Push, instant notification.

All work is Real Time recorded, as it’s performed. Technician’s locations are continuously GPS monitored.

IMP provides detailed job information, including whom and where to attend, details and our history of your job site. As our history with you progresses, the IMP database will grow, allowing us to service your site better.

IMP provides individual vehicle and warehouse stock availability together with Technician actioned  Parts ordering capability.

Status and progress information is thoroughly detailed through IMP.

On completion of each job, customers are even requested to offer satisfaction feedback via IMP.

For customers with large or complicated systems, sites without records or for clients requiring asset management plans, we recommend a full system audit. IMP shares the full data with you, providing total transparency.

Customer feedback
On completion, works are signed off by customer

We understand, in today’s lean environment, to serve you well, we must be proactive and highly autonomous.

Innovative Controls have no intention to ever stop the system improvement process for our Service operations.


If you’d like to book a technician, Ph: 1300 791 851

David, our Service coordinator is highly trained, with a strong security background. David has access to more than 200 years experience at his fingertips and will understand most requirements. If you’re calling out of hours for an Emergency callout, our Help desk members are up skilled to to identify and select the most appropriate team members to attend to your call. The Help desk team are trained to help in your decision making on the immediacy of your requirement balancing your obligations with your budget.

If you have suggestions on how our process doesn’t serve you as well as it could, please, talk to your rep. If you don’t know the best person to speak with, please use our contact form.