Sliding Beam Barriers

Sliding Boom used to control Public spaces
Sliding Boom used to control Public spaces

Sliding Beam Barrier

Innovative Controls Sliding Barrier is an extremely robust, vandal resistant barrier designed for use in unsupervised areas such as public parks, shopping centres, industrial and commercial properties, and high level security buildings. Sliding beams can be operated by electronic Access Control systems, or programmed to open, open/close lanes or close at pre-set times. These times can be different for each day of the week or even every day of the year. A highly valued feature of sliding beams is their 3 position capability. This can provide Entry & Exit control from a single device providing Fully open, Fully closed and an occupant exit period with Entry blocked and Exit open paths. This feature makes it a natural choice for public parks and reserves as well as time restricted car parks.

Sliding Beam gate
Sliding Beam rugged housing manufactured from RHS steel, clad with 3mm Galvanised sheet steel


Innovative controls understand the rigors of Public space equipment. With a heavy steel framed, 3mm sheet steel clad housing, our units are immune to all but the most determined attackers. By locking the beam between the Closed Support post and the locked drive unit, our sturdy RHS steel beams will withstand forceful entry or exit attempts. The sliding barrier can be finished in either a galvanised finish or powder-coated and can cover road widths of up to 10m.


Innovative Controls specialise in Electronic Access control and surveillance equipment. We can assist with all design concepts including Control & Safety devices including Access card operation, Photoelectric beam safety detectors, Egress loop detectors, safety bumper stripes and CCTV surveillance for either security or safety monitoring.

Sliding Boom in Egress mode
A single sliding barrier controlling Entry & Exit restricting access while permitting exit

Drive system

Sliding barrier drive systems are selected to suit your specific application. Drive system engineering requires our understanding of Beam length, operating frequency, available power source and required operating speed.






Sliding Boom and Energised fence
Sliding Boom and Energised fence

Features of the drive system include:

Industrial gearboxes for intensive use.
Optional variable speed drive controllers.
Internal limit switches.
3 phase drive motor as standard.





A selection of gate designs are available depending on the requirements of the site.

Centre Support if required.
Warning lights and buzzers.
Time clock or Access control and egress detection systems.
CCTV systems.