Taut Wire Fencing

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Taut wire (or Tautwire) fencing is a closely spaced, parallel stranded, Barbed or un-Barbed wire fence constructed with sensors to provide alarm outputs in the event of tamper or with contact based perimeter breach attempts.

Taut wire systems are engineered to detect intruders or escapees attempting to pass over, under or through a fence. Taut wire fencing systems may be constructed as stand-alone, independent fences or as extensions to new or existing fences or walls. Where used as a top extension to existing fences such as Chain-wire, Microphonic detection can also be included for tamper, lift and cutting monitoring of the chain wire fence.

Taut wire systems detect strand cutting, fast, slow or bouncing strand deflection. Fail-Safe engineering is at the core of the hermetically sealed, network bus communication linked sensors. Linked communications prevents bypass, cut or shorting of wiring . Hermetic sensor sealing eliminates accidental or intentional introduction of water or contaminants.

Like a guitar string, tension within a range produces select behaviors. With robust, reliable sensors attached to the tensioned strands, illicit activity is reliably detected, real time.

Taut wire fence systems are generally employed as a single element within an overall Security design. Innovative Controls may recommend integration of existing site security infrastructure or supplementary systems. As a minimum, monitoring of Taut wire installations will require alarm annunciation. Integration of related systems such as CCTV recording responses, notifications, automated system lock-downs, etc enhance and capitalise on fence detection.

Applications; Tautwire fencing systems are generally considered for Medium to High security applications. Applications include Manufacturing and Freight handling and storage facilities, Motor vehicle manufacture, retail & storage facilities, Data centres, Airports and Shipping terminals, including Bonded storage. Higher security applications include Military installations and Correctional facilities.

Taut wire systems have developed significantly from their origins of 2 way micro switches detecting either a pulled or cut strand into the modern reliable, self tuning systems we deliver today. Current systems allow reliable, high sensitivity, combined with minimal false alarming.