Sporting area entry turnstiles
Half height turnstiles remain a popular method for admission and entry counting

Half Height Turnstile

The Trident Pivot barrier is suitable for installations where the demands of appearance outweigh security requirements, for high traffic volume areas, and for interior and exterior purposes. Typical applications include sports stadiums, academic institutions, reception areas and public buildings.

Rotation locking mechanism

Anti trap mechanism that is maintenance free.

Perpetual base bearing

Self lubricating and completely maintenance free.

100% corrosion resistant.

Quality manufactured turnstiles provide unsurpassed longevity and reliability
Quality manufactured turnstiles provide unsurpassed longevity and reliability

Top cover inlay

Rustenburg granite as standard.


UV resistant polyester exterior powder coat.

3CR12 steel powder coated 304-grade or 316 marine-grade Steel.





Turnstiles providing reliable entry control
Turnstiles remain a cost effective and reliable method controlling Human movement

Full Height Turnstile

Innovative Controls provide the perfect solution for security in industrial, commercial, sporting and mining applications. Our heavy duty full height turnstiles offer total trouble-free access control, with numerous benefits.

Manufactured to the highest international standards, these ultra-strong turnstiles ensure:

No unwanted people enter your premises.
A reduction in theft and pilferage.
Tight control of entrance and exits.
A definite deterrent to robberies.
Control of staff movement.
An accurate account of people entering or leaving any point.

Turnstile with roof
Turnstiles can be installed in virtually any environment controlling passage without power or electronics

Turnstiles are manufactured ensuring the highest quality control and incorporate numerous features that ensure trouble-free and extended life and performance.