Tyre Spikes

Tyre Spike Barrier
Technician commissioning recessed spike installation


Innovative Controls tyre spike equipment immediately disables Pneumatic tired vehicles of all sizes attempting to enter high security or restricted areas. We design, manufacture and install reliable, fast response Tyre spike equipment tailored to your specific dimensional and duty cycle requirements. Our automatic spike barriers are engineered to efficiently operate high load tolerance barbs.


Applications for Tyre spikes include airports, car rental yards, prisons, dock yards, military installations, or any application where the prevention of vehicles from entering or exiting premises is paramount.

Surface Grippa Tyre spikes with Boom gate
Surface Grippa Tyre spikes with Boom gate


Tyre spike enclosures are manufactured from heavy gauge steel, fully welded then hot-dipped galvanised ensuring maximum corrosion resistance. Covers are manufactured  from Mild steel Checker plate of up to 8mm thickness. Final appearance can offered in Galanised, Powder coated or even diagonal stripe painted finishes, usually with either orange or yellow coloured spikes.

Drive Systems:

Depending on your application’s response time and load requirements we offer Tyre Spike barriers operated electrically, electro-hydraulically or pneumatically with lift response times ranging from approx 6 seconds down to 2 second. The drive systems are sized to meet anticipated duty cycles, required response times and barrier width.

Operating Controls & Features:

Recessed or Surface mount configuration.

Specifications can be customised to include features such as:

Individual/grouped spike operation preventing a single accomplice holding the barrier in the disarmed position.

Position confirmation by Limit switches for the fully raised & lowered positions.

Tyre spike fail-safe positioning in the event of pressure or power loss.

Fully automatic, semi automatic or manual operation